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f!Byte Is Back

Comments 0 By England Ryan_UK in f!Byte Is Back on Thursday 03 April @ 15:39

Hello and welcome everyone to our clan website.

We have been about for a very long time and we started as a few friends who made a cod 4 team, a 5 man cod 4 team and we were going to go very competitive and attend LAN's, but sadly stuff happened and we had to split up.

As the years went on, we all came back together, thanks to one community called eXp. We were members of that for a long time and we started a team called kS. Then things started going down hill in eXp, so we decided to evacuate, and start up f!Byte again!

After meeting new people within the community and all this horrible stuff went down, we decided to bring back the little team and expand it into a gaming community.

The games we shall be involved in:

Call of Duty 4
Counter-Strike: Source
And much more